Benefits of Participation

Benefits for Laboratories Participating in UK NEQAS ICC & ISH:

  1. Three assessment runs per year for all modules
  2. Specific modules catering for the specialised needs of the participant (please see pages to follow for details of specific modules)
  3. Many of the Modules have assessment of two antigens per run
  4. UK NEQAS ICC & ISH provided samples AND your ‘in house’ control samples are assessed
  5. Online score sheets following each assessment; constructive comments from the assessors when the staining is sub-optimal
  6. An end of year performance record
  7. Participants ‘Help-line’
  8. An annual survey of user satisfaction, subsequent analysis and recommended improvements
  9. Scientific meetings and seminars when appropriate
  10. An e-report following every run with:
    • frequency charts illustrating the distribution of participant scores for each run
    • colour prints showing optimal demonstration of the antigens assessed
    • examples of high scoring methods
    • articles and other scheme related features
    • run summaries and comments
    • tables of the main antibodies, systems, best methods, and immunocytochemical reagents used by participants