2023 Participants’ Meeting Presentations (PDFs)

UK NEQAS for Immunocytochemistry & In-Situ Hybridisation

2023 Participants’ Meeting, Thursday, 20th April 2023

TALKS (the Workshops are not available to download)

  1. The origins of immunocytochemistry. Professor Bharat Jasani (University of Cardiff): CLICK HERE
  2. Markers for sarcoma diagnosis. Dr Fernanda Amary (Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital & UCL, London): CLICK HERE
  3. Low HER2: results from the first pilot run. Andrew Dodson (UK NEQAS): Not available to download
  4. Scheme updates and new participant web interface. Fitim Berisha (UK NEQAS): CLICK HERE
  5. The Users Quality Survey Results. Michelle James (UK NEQAS): CLICK HERE
  6. PD-L1 in Head & Neck pathology. Dr Lissette Collins (Guy’s Hospital, London): Not available to download
  7. Head & Neck Module updates. Deepa Nayar (UK NEQAS): CLICK HERE