The UK National External Quality Assessment Scheme for

Immunocytochemistry &
In-Situ Hybridisation (ICC & ISH)



Welcome to UK NEQAS ICC & ISH

Over 30 Years of Experience in EQA

We offer assessments in 12 different immunocytochemistry and 3 in-situ hybridisation modules.
UK NEQAS ICC & ISH welcomes participation from both UK and non-UK based laboratories.

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Latest News & Updates

Scientific Advisory Board

The newly instituted UK NEQAS ICC & ISH Scientific Advisory Board held its first meeting in September. Amongst its topics for debate were: restructuring of the scheme to reflect modern…...

Important Dates in the 2019-2020 EQA Year (Assessment Runs: 126/55 to 129/58)

Dispatch date: date when your slides will be sent to you; Return date: last date when you can post them back to us; Assessment dates: period over which they will…...

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