The UK National External Quality Assessment Scheme for

Immunocytochemistry &
In-Situ Hybridisation (ICC & ISH)




Welcome to UK NEQAS ICC & ISH

Over 30 Years of Experience in EQA

We offer assessments in 12 different immunocytochemistry and 3 in-situ hybridisation modules.
UK NEQAS ICC & ISH welcomes participation from both UK and non-UK based laboratories.

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Latest News & Updates

Reassessment Form has been renamed

To avoid possible confusion between our reassessment and our referral procedures, we have decided to rename the former to 'appeal against assessment result'. The procedure itself remains unchanged. You can…...

Assessment Run Schedule 2021-2022

ASSESSMENT RUN SCHEDULE Runs 134 (63) to 137 (66): 1st April 2021– 31st March 2022 Run Dispatch Date (during the week beginning) Return by Date (latest posting date) 134 (63)…...

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