Ai Lin Rhodes

Office Manager

Lin is responsible for the day-to-day clerical and admin duties of the UK NEQAS ICC & ISH office. She is also responsible for financial aspects of the scheme, including most importantly the collection of participant subscriptions, and the generation of invoices, upon which the scheme is wholly reliant on being able to provide a quality service.

Lin organises all the schedules for the despatch of participants’ slides on a timely basis, the collection/record of returned stained slides, the sorting of slides, following all of which there is the organisation of the assessors, arranging and scheduling assessment dates, and the associated paperwork (score sheets, record sheets), arranging accommodation and travel where necessary. All reimbursements of assessor’s expenses and their honoraria payments are also handled by Lin ensuring this is done in a timely manner.

Lin is also the main point of contact for dealing with all routine enquiries pertaining to administrative aspects of the scheme.